Exploring the Best Christmas Cities...One at a Time

Have you ever yearned for that special feeling you get during the Christmas season? You know - where being surrounded by twinkling lights, carolers, hot chocolate, and nice crisp/cold weather is what truly puts you in the spirit?  Well I definitely have, especially since I have lived in Florida my entire life. The fact that I saw snow for the very first time at the age of 22 is all you need to know to understand that I have never had a classic Christmas experience.
Which brings me to why I have created this blog. I know that I am not the ONLY person who yearns for this Christmas feeling (at least I hope not). Thus is why I have carefully orchestrated an eight day road trip with my boyfriend Michael (he will be posting too) to begin exploring what I would like to call the "Best Christmas Cities" in order to get into the spirit.  Upon looking for places to visit, I discovered all the information I needed was scattered across hundreds (if not thousands) of sites. So I am making it my mission to create a fun blog to showcase these cities, accommodations, activities, and so much more so you do not have to do any heavy lifting (or in this case heavy searching). 

I hope you find our posts fun and informative, and I hope that through this website you too will be able to experience the Christmas Spirit.