December 19, 2011

Holiday Pub Crawl BUST

So I was hoping the Holiday Pub Crawl I mentioned earlier was going to be the kick off to our Christmas time celebration in Charleston – but I was completely wrong.  Well I wasn’t – the company falsely advertised the “Holiday” in  “Holiday Pub Crawl."
We were told that this “3rd Annual Holiday Pub Crawl, Back by Popular Demand!” was going to include holiday themed cookies and treats, along with an altered tour to take us to more “Christmas Lit” areas in Charleston. They also indicated we would receive two appetizers at two of the pubs/bars we were going to visit, along with samples of local beers and drinks.
When I ordered the tickets ($30 per person = $60) the middle man ticket seller told me that the tickets were nonrefundable even if it rained. That should have been a red flag. But I was so excited based upon the description I read, and what the seller was telling me about the tour, that I purchased the tickets anyway.
When we got to the tour place to check in, Michael pointed out a highlighted note that said “It is illegal for our tour guides to buy you drinks at the bars,” which really says “No drinks are included on this tour.”  NO DRINKS INCLUDED? What kind of Pub Crawl is this anyway?? So that was upset #1.
  • Upset #2 – I asked the lady at the front desk what was the “Holiday” for in “Holiday Pub Crawl.” She told me that it was because we would receive a FREE holiday drink recipe (which they found online) and some hot chocolate (Packets of Nestle Chocolate Powder).
  • Upset#3 – Michael and I ate a light dinner at the Cru Café because we knew that we would be receiving appetizers at two of the 3-5 bars we would be visiting. We only received one appetizer, and it was pretty much loaded potatoes in nacho format (which we split among 6 people) – YUCK!
  • Upset#4 – Although our tour guide (Ben) was extremely nice, and very knowledgeable about Charleston’s history, the actual history part of the tour was totally underwhelming. I do confess that the other people on the tour were not making it easy for the tour guide to truly talk about the history he had planned. So in this case I put the blame on the other people.  Although they were very nice, their main goal was to just go bar hopping, and not really learn anything.
  • Upset#5 – We saw NO holiday lights whatsoever (as promised prior).
Needless to say this tour was a total FLOP! I think they totally took advantage of the Holiday aspect because they knew people like me were wanting a holiday feel during vacation in December.
In the end I felt like I just spent $60 to have fake friends to go drinking with…

Happy that the tour was almost over!

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