December 22, 2011

The Vine Cottage Inn - Hot Springs

Even though we were going to Hot Springs to see The Homestead, we decided not to stay there. Instead, we chose to stay at this lovely bed and breakfast called The Vine Cottage Inn that has been in operation since the early 1900s. It is located literally a block from The Homestead.
We were greeted by the innkeepers – Jo and Jonah – who have been running the B&B for about seven years. Very hospitable and easy going couple.
We were shown to our room called “16” – a very easy name to remember. Michael and I were caught off guard when Jo told us we didn’t have a key to our room, but instead a courtesy lock for when we go to sleep.   Being from a major city, we were not 100% comfortable with it at first, but got use to the idea.  They also leave the front door to the inn unlocked all night. Talk about trusting thy neighbor!
We found out that Hot Springs is only home to about 500 people, and crime is pretty much nonexistent. It is extremely refreshing to know that there still exists a place where you don’t have to think twice about “Did I lock the door?”
So here we go - the pros and cons of our experience at The Vine Cottage Inn:
·         The innkeepers are just amazing people – extremely nice and hospitable
·         The breakfast was by far my favorite – Scone, French toast, fresh fruit, sausage, eggs over easy, juice and coffee. You could tell it was made with love.
·         The location – extremely close to The Homestead, and the many other outdoor activities available in Bath County Virginia
·         24/7 Coffee, Snacks and Bottled Water! Ding Ding Ding!
·         Fireplaces were always lit
·         Extremely cozy – felt like I was staying at my grandmother’s house for the holidays
·         Felt very safe
·         Free Parking

·         No keys to the bedrooms – although Hot Springs is extremely safe, you don’t know the other people who may also be staying at the B&B.
·         Room 16’s bathroom was a little small. Michael is 6’3’’, so for him he felt like a giant in it.

The Vine Cottage Inn

The Homestead right down the street - literally

The Christmas Tree inside The Vine Cottage Inn

The Cozy Fireplace
Room 16
Tiny Bathroom - with a tiny toliet and tub
"I want my breakfast!"

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