December 19, 2011

Holiday Festival of Lights - James Island

Since the Holiday Pub Crawl didn’t work so well for us, our next Christmas Stop was James Island County Park which hosts the Holiday Festival of Lights. We went on night two of our two day excursion to Charleston.
It was very quaint. The entrance to the park was by FAR the best part of the lights in my opinion; however the other areas you get to drive through were nice as well. It is about 3 miles of driving you do around the park through different themed areas of lights. Taking pictures is really hard because of the darkness.  We were using Michael’s nice Nikon camera, but to be honest, taking pictures via the phone came out better (less blurry).
Once you drive through the lights you can park your car and enjoy the activities they have.  Most activities are kid oriented (Santa’s Lap, Carousel Ride, Rock Climbing etc), but if you are feeling giddy, it is enjoyable for adults as well.
They have a fire pit area where you can create smores (you can buy the kit or bring your own supply). They also have “carnie” food – big turkey legs, hot dogs, pretzels etc. 
The Enchanted Forest was neat because you could walk a path through the woods decorated with lights, huge Christmas trees, and dancing Christmas lights that blink to the beat of Christmas music. That was the most enjoyable for me because you were not being rushed by other cars behind you.
All in all the experience was nice!  There were a lot of families there, as well as older and younger people. Definitely a MUST if you plan on spending some time in Charleston during the Christmas season.


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  1. Hey guys, it reminds me of Santa's Enchanted Forest here on the home turf!! How much was the entrace fee?
    P.S. For less blurry pics, set the camara on a tripod; set the dial to MANUAL, open the lens to allow more light ( F/smallest #) and the shutter at 2 seconds. Love Mom