December 17, 2011

The Governor's House Inn - Charleston

So arriving into Charleston we went straight to our Bed and Breakfast to check in. It was called The Governor's House Inn located off of Broad Street (one of the major roads in the city). 

We stayed in the room called "St. Michael's" which overlooked St. Michael's church. Needless to say Charleston is filled with MANY churches, which is why it is called the holy city.

The room was very nice, and was located on the third floor. It was a trek, but well needed exercise considering we were sitting for almost 6 hours (would not recommend if you have problems climbing stairs).

The location of the B&B was fantastic - it was central to everything.

So here we go - the pros and cons of our experience at The Governor's House Inn:

  • Breakfast was good - they alternate one sweet/ one salty meal every other day. I do not like sweet breakfasts (bananas foster), but was able to choose an alternative meal.
  • Cat named "New" - although this feline friend was 14 years old, he had spunk like a kitten. Slow moving, but extremely nice. He roamed the Inn like he owned it.
  • "Free" Bikes - they lend bikes out for free to see the city. Amazingly comfortable cruisers, Michael and I were able to see many parts of the city. However, do not ride a bike down Kings Street - it is filled with many people on the sidewalks (a lot of shops) and traffic is not friendly toward bikers (learned the scary way).
  • St. Michael's Bed - Either I was extremely tired at the end of the day, or that bed was just amazingly comfortable... I will go with the latter.
  • Unlimited water bottles - Michael and I love water, and they supplied many bottles no questions asked. Not like hotels where they charge $12 per bottle.
  • Location (as mentioned above)
  • FREE Parking!
  • Staff was a little disconnected. Although attentive - they were not the most "warm" individuals - well at least to us.
  • No 24/7 coffee - Like water, Michael and I are addicted to coffee. They did not have 24/7 coffee like some B&Bs we have stayed at in the past. Out at 7:30am, taken away at 10:00am.
  • Afternoon snacks were on a tight schedule as well - meaning out at 4:30pm, taken away at 5:30pm. You would think they would leave out the made daily snacks until all was eaten. Nope - not the case.
  • Tacky - yes yes yes B&Bs are suppose to be homie with charm, and with a little mismatch here and there...but the actual common areas (not the bedrooms) were a little outdated and, well, just plain tacky. It lacked a warmth that I have felt at other places.


St. Michael's Room

St. Michael's Room

St. Michael's Room - with Michael

Courtyard Area

Free Parking

St. Michael's
Christmas Tree in the Grand Foyer
One of the common areas


  1. What a beautiful house! the room seemed big and cozy, Glad you are having a great time. Adventures await!!!!ciao ciao, miau miau!!
    love Susy

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