December 19, 2011

Downtown Charleston during Christmas

I was EXTREMELY surprised by the lack of Christmas decorations within historical Charleston.  There were a lot of wreaths with red bows, but really not a lot of lights. Some businesses had Christmas trees in the windows, but again, there was really no “holiday feel” within Charleston.
When doing research, Charleston was one of the cities that came up to visit during Christmas Time. The city itself was very charming, and I loved exploring it during the day. But as soon as night fell, the city was dark with hardly any Christmas lighting to see. There were a few buildings here and there, but nothing that gave you that warm feeling of Christmas.
Speaking of “warming”….Charleston was very warm during our visit. High of 78 degrees during the day and at night it was cooler, but not really. I would definitely compare it to Miami weather – which is what we were trying to escape.
Overall our stay was very pleasant and fun, but if you are looking for that Christmas spirit, I would not recommend Charleston for that. Great city to visit, don’t get me wrong, but didn’t really have that Christmas vibe we wanted.
And like Ghost Hunters say – ON TO THE NEXT! (McAdenville, North Carolina)

Horse Stable - one of the only places with Christmas lights
Wreath with Red Bow Number 1


Wreath with Red Bow Number 2

Wreaths with Red Bows Number 3 - Plus Christmas Tree in Window
Wreaths with Red Bows Number 4 - with pretty Fall leaves

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