December 15, 2011

Arriving in Charleston, South Carolina

Michael and I made it after 5.5 hours and 3 (maybe 4) pit stops along the way. The entrance to Charleston isn't very quaint, but once you cross the bridge to downtown historical Charleston you are sure to be delighted. Feels like you are going back in time - I compare it to Savannah, GA, only bigger.

We arrived at our awesome Bed and Breakfast which has a 12 foot Christmas tree at the foot of the staircase. I look forward to tonight's activities since that is when we are really going to see the Christmas side of Charleston.  We are having dinner at the Cru Cafe and then heading to a Holiday Pub Crawl to get a taste of the local taverns, stroll the streets decked out in Christmas gear, and of course hear about the history of Charleston.

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