December 20, 2011

McAdenville - Christmas Town USA

McAdenville was our second stop on our five stop road trip. The reason we chose McAdenville is because its nickname is Christmas Town USA. The whole town is decorated with Christmas lights – every house, tree, church, and building lights up the night’s sky.
The most popular way to see McAdenville’s Christmas lights is by car. However, Michael and I chose to walk it. It is about 2 miles of Christmas light decorations and takes about an hour and half to walk the whole thing.
Definitely get there right when night falls, because the later it gets, the worse the traffic gets. HOWEVER, Michael and I found a shortcut by mistake. The shortcut (which I would recommend to anyone who wants to walk McAdenville) is to enter at the middle of town (use side streets, instead of exiting off of I-85). There is plenty of parking available. Do not go to the middle of town if you want to drive as you cannot access “the line” of cars from the middle.
Also, don’t expect vendors of any kind in McAdenville. There was no food available; however, one church was selling coffee and hot chocolate (I think). So definitely come with a full tummy, or expect a late dinner.
Overall our expectations were definitely met. It was beautiful, charming, and very festive. And the best part of all was the passerbyers greeted us with a warm smile and a “Merry Christmas!”
McAdenville, North Carolina

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  1. I love the fact that you chose to walk the town, how else will you see all of its splendor...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!